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Process Inc helps systems and software organizations perform predictably, faster, cheaper and with fewer defects. We modify or introduce processes and training to achieve that goal. Our leading Risk-Appropriate Approach to Performance-Driven Improvement is guided by the principle that "Rigour Should Reflect Risk": if you have a low-risk project, you shouldn't have a high-rigour process. And vice versa.


We use the SEI's SM Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) as a starting point for analysing problems/opportunities, considering possible solutions, and for laying out an improvement program. This is a proven industry model, providing best practices and roadmaps for organizational improvement.


Because we have been doing this since the first capability model was created, we have seen many large organizations get this wrong, in some cases wasting millions of dollars. We can help you avoid common and costly pitfalls. We work with both executive teams and practitioners to create an improvement program that provides the greatest return-on-investment, solves real problems, avoids bureaucracy, and delivers results quickly.


Process Inc provides a range of appraisal services to help you determine where you are and what to tackle first. We provide different types of training, from general orientation to in-depth expertise for process improvement specialists. We also provide consulting to help strategic planning, selling an improvement program, monitoring and re-directing a program, and risk-management. We have recently added consulting and training in Peer Reviews to our services.




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